PAYREPAR is a company belonging to PAYRESA GROUP founded in 1976. We dedicate in the wholesale, retail, installation and implementation of new and individual projects covering all relating to floor and wall coverings, such as parquet Málaga, installing laminate flooring (laminate flooring Málaga), outdoor decking, floating floors, carpets, linoleum, plasterboard, suspended ceilings, false ceilings, venetian blinds …

From the largest settlement as hotels, restaurants, gyms, pizzeria, sports centres, schools, buildings, airports … to the smallest settlements as particular clients in his/hers home, apartment or villa. We can make your decoration dream a reality wherever you are in Spain.

For more information please contact us either by mail, email, or telephone and we are here to serve you.


As said before, we belong to the group PAYREPAR PAYRESA which performs continuous training to our assemblers and also to integrate new. Since 1993 we have performed numerous courses of plasterboard, parquet and resilient flooring, making our sales staff and installation fully qualified.

The staff attending the customers is also fully qualified due to demonstrations and conferences held by our suppliers.